Lucian Cernat

Chief Trade Economist at the European Commission

Lucian Cernat is the Chief Trade Economist of the European Commission. Until 2008, he held various positions at the United Nations in Geneva dealing with trade and development issues. He has authored more than 20 publications on the development impact of trade policies, WTO negotiations, EU preferential market access, regional trade agreements, competition policy, corporate governance. Prior to his UN experience, he has been a trade diplomat with the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and part of the negotiating team of bilateral FTAs with the EuroMed area and Baltic countries, preceding Romania's accession to the EU. Lucian Cernat obtained a PhD from University of Manchester and a postgraduate diploma from Oxford University. He is also the author ofEuropeanization, Varieties of Capitalism and Economic Performance in Central and Eastern Europe (Palgrave Macmillan, 2006).

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20 Février 2017
À une certaine époque, il était possible de convaincre ceux qui doutaient des bienfaits du commerce au moyen de statistiques explicites reflétant le coût du protectionnisme. Il semble aujourd’hui que le grand public est devenu indifférent aux discussions fondées sur les faits. Cet article appelle à...