Pedro Roffe

Senior Fellow

Pedro ROFFE is Senior Fellow at ICTSD where he oversees the work of the Programme on Intellectual Property and Development. Mr. Roffe joined ICTSD with 30 years of experience with the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) where his work focused on international aspects of transfer of technology, intellectual property and foreign direct investment.

He is the author of articles and books and responsible for a number of United Nations related publications. Most recently, his published contributions include: International Technology Transfer: The Origins and Aftermath of the United Nations Negotiations on a Draft Code of Conduct; Bilateral Agreements and a TRIPS-Plus World: the Chile-USA Free Trade Agreement; Resource Book on TRIPS and Development; Negotiating Health: Intellectual Property and Access to Medicines; America Latina y la Nueva Arquitectura Internacional de la Propiedad Intelectual.

Mr. Roffe graduated from the Faculty of Law of the Universidad de Chile and made postgraduate studies at New York University, Europa Institute (University of Amsterdam) and the Graduate Institute of International Studies (Geneva). He is of Chilean nationality.

Bridges news

11 Décembre 2014
La science, la technologie et l’innovation peuvent jouer un rôle important dans le développement. Tous les PMA sont à la traîne dans ces domaines cruciaux qui sont les catalyseurs de la transformation. Souvent, les PMA ne sont pas en mesure de dépasser les technologies obsolètes qui caractérisent...