Sheila Page

Senior Research Asscoiate, Overseas Development Institute

Sheila Page is a Senior Research Associate of the  Overseas Development Institute, London.  From 1982 to 2005 she was a Research Fellow there.  Previously she was at Queen Elizabeth House, Oxford, 1972, and the National Institute of Economic and Social Research, 1972-82.  Her current research interests include Aid for Trade, the relationship between trade and climate change regimes, how and why developing countries participate in international negotiations, and trade relations between developed and developing countries, including the effects of the Common Agricultural Policy and Special and Differential treatment.  She has also advised Latin American and African developing countries in multilateral and regional negotiations and prepared reports for the UK government, UNCTAD, UNIDO and other international organisations.  Her publications include CAP Reform and Development, with Nicola Cantore and Jane Kennan (2011), Development, Trade and Carbon Reduction (2010), The Potential Impact of the Aid for Trade Initiative (2007),  Trade and Aid:  Partners or Rivals in Development Policy (2006), Special and Differential Treatment for Developing Countries in the WTO, with Peter Kleen (2005), Developing countries in GATT/WTO Negotiations (2002).